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Refrigeration  Electronics Blue

Safety Lockout 


Renewable Energy

how to use a multimeter

Elec theory #1  Arc Flash
what is Electricity how solar panels work


What is an Amp

volt Amp Watts usage

How to use a multimeter



Transformers explained

calculating a series cct ppt

Electricity Fundamentals Series CCTs explained   Parallel CCTs explained.
One line Electrical Building diagrams calculating Lumens needed How Thermocouples work   what is a GFI receptacle
 calculating a parallel cct ppt

 ohms law better

 Alternating current

 AC vs DC

ARC Fault and GFI lighting powerpoint Lighting colour temperature Lux and Lumens
defining lumens and foot candle Understanding Lumens per watt Automatic power transfer switch lighting         lighting ranges
electrical code

code amendments

what is power factor Understanding the effects of lighting (28m)
Theory Basics

effects of EMF

 lighting calculations  dollar savings
 What is Electricity Skilled Trades ontario info  Delmars book for electricians v4


 700  Using a Multimeter  Multi meter ClampAmpmeter  ohms law explained
   average appliance usage  the architects scale  
 calculating a series circuit  calculating a Parallel circuit  calculating series/par ccts  solving any comb.. series/par 
 what is an atom conductor vs non   flemings left hand rule  flemings left hand rule #2
 Free Electricity  resistivity vs conductivity  work, energy and time  power factor explained
 awg wire resistance  3 Phase power   3 wire circuit  Arc fault demo afci
 Lighting LM vs watts    Analog Electronics book  Effects of electricity on the body
Electric Mobility   Surge Protectors
 Electrify video grouping  Basic electronics ( book)  Electrical cct theory ( book)  Surge protectors added
 Ground Neutral and hot explained Grounding and why its important  Electricity can kill you ?  voltage amps and watts explained
 what is voltage  what is current AC vs DC ( humor)  why AC to Transmit power
 How electric cars work ( tesla)   Tesla electric car battery pack  Tesla Model 3 motors  Tesla 3 review 

 How Batteries Work

 teslas battery cell  converting an alternator to a motor  connecting a brushless controller
 Nikola Tesla  tesla's battery pack part 3    centrifugal switch on an induction motor
batteries a fire hazzards    


my toolbox tv

multimeter safety

 Motor starters

 horsepower vs torque


Residential transformers

Electrical fundimentals

 magnetism fundimentals

 Intro to ohms law

ohms law excersizes 

Motor starter heater sizing

Motor nameplate Data

working inside a panel


three phase and single phase power single phase and three phase ( humorous)  GFCI
AFCI  Air blast circuit Breakers  saving electical energy in industry
how to use a multimeter  Laddersafety  voltage? or current the killer
How brushless DC motors work  how synchronous motors work Motor starters explained dc brushed motors
 Power factor explained   3 phase induction motors   Single phase induction motors motor name plate
   3 wire circuit  AC/DC/EC difference motors  Grounding 1
what is grounding  what is ground protection grounding and bonding  


704 Specific

How flourescent lights work

how lamps work

led lamps    

lumens vs watts    how modern lamps work Kelvin in lighting (pic)
how light affects our mood     lumens    CRI  categories of lighting Understanding the effects of lighting (28m)  Halogen lighting
sodium lamps high pressure sodium murcury vapour lamps      
Safety Lockout/tagout Arc fault demo afci resistivity vs conductivity  
 Cost of Electricity Usage  3 wire circuit Lighting LM vs watts Resistors
Diodes   Intro and basic electronics Lockout tagout #2  sources of electricity

 what is electricity

 circuit breakers vs fuses how circuit breakers work  Electro magnetic induction

How transformers work

 air circuit breakers  how fuses work sample types of fuses
 From power station to your home  whimis training video  ARC FLASH  

power quality

what is power quality

 Your electric bill

Saving on your electrical bill

 why AC and not DC?  power factor what is it?  electrocution in the workplace  arc flash
class record  How servo motors work   how stepper motors work