Electrical Theory Level 1

How to us a multimeter work Energy and power vandergraph generator  how the vandergraph works resistor reading  Intro  Megger
how to read 4 band resistors reading resistors 4 and 5 band Ohms Law ohms law wheel  resistor codes What is electricity (animated)
combination Circuits Parallel circuits Series Circuits understanding voltage drop how do resistors work  toolbox tv fundimentals of electricity
calculating RT in a combo CCT How electrical wires are made calculating efficiency in a cct calculating power and voltage loss Delmar electrical book version 4 calculating CM
remember resistor colour code find the missing resisistor in parallel from generator to home better edison  circulr mill vs metric ( wikepedia)  
wire size and ampacity chart wire size and ampacity awg to circular mill chart Edison3wire  how does an edison cct work solving efficiency
kirchoff's current and voltage law  Edison Circuit calcualtions Edison with broken Neutral Inductors explained 3 wire circuit edison
Wire Guage size and resistance calculator joules and heating Valence shells What is Voltage what is current
how receptacles work What is Resistance voltage vs current    
circular mill foot and line loss circular mill area  for wire size calculating cma cm and line loss calculating losses
Understanding wire gauge sizes circular mill video bank line efficiency calculating line loss from efficiency calculating kirchhoffs law of the unknown
cec table 2 how to read cable info cable insulation AWG to cmil  
dangers of shared Neutrals        
magnetic flux explained flux and emf magnetic flux and motor effect magnetic field experiment
Magnetism Left Hand Rule BTU to KW  WEP video 2
magnetic fields Faraday's and Lenzes law  elevator problem   wep other
what is a newton   conversion chart     intro to WEP
calculating heat rise calculating BTU needed What is a KWH Life of a BTU
BTU and watts motor efficiency explained work and energy explained  
toolbox tv magnetism