Biomass renewable energy               7 types of renewable energy                         history of Solar power       How much solar do you need?
Giothermal Energy                           forms of energy                     how solar cells work             the solar farm      solar array farm 
In a nutshell                               Solar Window intro                           Seasons           Sun path             Sun throughout the year
Photo electro hydrogen pdf photo electric hydrogen production (vid) Solar panel intro 101
seperating hydrogen from water using solar flat earth basics of a grid tied system
recycling renewables The future for electrical apprentices in renewable simple stand alone system basics
solar for kids geothermal for kids natural energy for kids
renewable and none renewable solar ( academy) batteries for kids



Information and books

chapter 4 fundimentals

chapter 5 PV Modules

chapter 6 Batteries

Chapter 7 charge controllers

chapter 8 Inverters

General Review Questions, ( not all may apply)

solar 102 solar power calculation Solar for Dummies ( intro) Basic Ohm's Law
Introduction to Renewable resources (pdf)

Renewable resource handbook ( pdf)

 solar 101
how many are needed? installers guide ( pdf)

Micro inverters and DC optimizers

solar pathfinder  rough idea of solar cost ( info) Battery University (pdf)
 worksheet  load calculation worksheet  System Sizing  
off Grid Solar system  Running an off grid home solar 102 solar power calculation
 Solar Panel Guide   systems training manual residential detail   solar 101
Generations of Solar common mistakes quick look Making your own solar panel
The Real Truth about living off Grid solar Panel Requirements    

Hybrid Systems ( video)

item cost

Top 7 Mistakes with solar

What can I run off a 100 watt panel?
Battery chart comparison The Alt-E store videos

Amy's favorite videos

 how lithium batteries protect themselves


ppt solar design

solar power for dummies ( book) renewable energy and more  ( book)

solar thermal power 

componants of a pv system 

Solar pathfinder 

Solar pathfinder 2


  Stan's summer panel readings Stan's ppt inverters 
A Day in the life of a solar panel ( powerpoint stan)            summer panel readings ppt Stan's PPT of simple Watts law for batteries and PV Panels
Solar Tracker solar ARC                     DC ARC flash  
Grid tied basic 101  How Grid tied systems work Grid Tied video Grid Tied Video #2
AC Disconnects VS DC issues      


batteries and ah calculations calculating an off grid system Calculating the AH rating sizing your system
How many solar panels do I need?  standalone worksheets on line calculation  PVwatts calculator

PV Solar calculator

Voltage drop calculator AC/DC

azimuth and orientation

Declination for beginners

 work sheet load chart ( doc)

 work sheet load chart (pdf)

how to connect batteries and pv panels to work

How to size your Battery Bank 

how to size your System (good)

how to calculate an off grid system basics



Tesla power wall         Using a power wallpdf what's inside a lithium ion battery lithium battery recycling  how does a lithium ion battery work
  construction of lithium ion   lithium ion vs lifepo4 lithium battery abuse fires How to configure a Lifepo4 system 
ion vs lifepo4           which lithium Tesla's battery How a lithium ion battery actually works What is a lithium ion battery
lithium ion vs lithium polymer  Lithium Fires Lithium Ion Batteries Battery University
lithium ion fires BMS or not    

Lead Acid Batteries

Battery sulfation

connecting batteries in Series/parallel ppt Gel vs AGM     AGM battery Inside a Gel Cell 
Difference in Batteries glass mat technology typical Lead Acid battery  how do lithium ion batteries work?
Good vs Bad batt. how to check for bad batteries  inside a gel cell taken apart how primary batteries work
Lithium vs Lead acid   How lead Batteries are made Lithium vs lead acid best battery for solar and wind
Battery Basics    small Battery AH battery calculator    battery bank sizing
lithium vs lead showdown video battery capacity explained  c-rate of lead batteries
battery comparison Capacity Explained  C-Rating Explained  the good and the bad of lithium
  summary of battery C and E rate  How lead batteries work construction of a glass matt battery


Charge Controllers


How Solar Panels work MPPT vs PWM charge controller pure sine wave vs modified sine wave
How Solar Cells Work mppt & pwm controllers (pdf) How inverters work
Mono vs Polycrystalline solar charge controllers  inverters
 how many are needed? charge controllers buyer guide   anti-islanding
how solar panels are made modified vs pure syn inverters #2
How solar cells are made              Micro inverters
 testing solar cells         optimizers? or micro inverters?       part 2
 intro to pv (pptx) Micro inverter? or string inverter?
 thin film solar cells    

why use an inverter

blocking and bi-pass diodes
why use a bi-pass diode
the truth about thin film panels monopoly label
amorphous panel info  
General Introduction to Solar power package                 How to connect batteries in par and series
Manufacturing thin film PV panels                                          comparison between Lead VS Lithium battery
How to read the pv panel label
mono vs poly vs amorphous panels pros and cons (text)    

Lithium battery section 





wind turbine

 how wind generators work  wind power math  wind power calculations
Intro to wind turbines( power point) residential turbine (video) vertical vs horizontal turbines

Wind Turbine Characteristics 

more on vertical vs horizontal turbines

 wind physics ( vid)

Installing and maintaining a wind power system

small wind turbine guidebook website

Wind power for dummies

installing and maintaining a wind turbine (web)

why only 3 blades??

History of Wind power 

Wind Patterns 

wind  book

basically my turbine

how do wind turbines work 1

where does wind come from? Wind Map
wind speed converter  Wind turbine calculations 

advantages and disadvantages of hawt and vawt

type of wind turbines now and in the future  how industrial wind turbines work   
solar midterm review